011 How to Lose Customers - without really trying!
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You can’t help noticing today that some organisations seem to have “stopped bothering about customers”.  Perhaps it’s an indication that some in our “throw-away society” now consider that an existing customer is no more than a passing encounter that can be simply cast aside, and easily replaced with a new one.

In the past few weeks I’ve been personally reminded several times, how rare it has become for customers to experience good service, and there’s a danger that some organisations are simply taking advantage of that fact and simply not bothering anymore.

  • Not bothering to return calls,
  • not bothering to provide quotations when they promise to
  • not bothering to provide an after-sales service for their products,
  • not bothering to tell their account holders that their bank branch has closed down
  • not bothering to provide comprehensive operating instructions for their products, or...
  • not even bothering to provide a number to call if they need help
Incredibly, all of these have happened to me in the past three weeks, and I know I’m not alone.

But what it does reveal, is that there's now an incredible opportunity for organisations to differentiate themselves by simply paying attention to the needs of their customers.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

In this episode I’m going to tap into our customer experience research again, and give away the secret of how you can make your organisation incredibly successful at what it does, by getting CX right.

It’s how a business can out-perform its competition, and how a public service can build incredible public support.

But first I want to take a look at what NOT TO DO.

I’m going to look at three key things our research confirms about:

“How to lose customers – without really trying!”

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