005 - Matt Honeycutt on grad school and being intentional with your time
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Episode Overview:

On this episode of the GenWhy Leaders podcast Matt Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Business Admissions at Rockhurst University explains how being intentional with your time can lead to an equal or greater amount success inside and outside of work. Bill Gates once said,”only through focus can you do world class things, no matter how capable you are.” Matt exemplifies this as he continues to thrive as a leader in one of the top business schools in the midwest while helping improve the program on a daily basis. More importantly, Matt’s ability to focus on the things that matter most at work, in turn, allows him to focus on things that matter most at home - being a great husband and father. Having a healthy and loving relationship with your significant other and family is perhaps the greatest success of all.  

Matt’s Why:

Servant Leadership.

Matt’s tips for getting your next promotion:

  1. Be professional and timely 
  2. Write hand-written thank you cards
  3. Have a good work ethic
  4. Make sure you’re passionate about what you’re doing
  5. Make sure you have the adequate skills and knowledge necessary to do the job

Thinking about going to Grad School?

Be sure to weigh all components including time, cost, employer contributions, etc. Matt also tells us about an interesting trend called “stackable credentials” that carry over from one program or university to the next. 

How to be intentional with your time:

It requires focus and discipline. Be at work when you are at work. Be at home when you are at home. Limit your time on social media (book recommendation: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport ). 

Additional book recommendations from Matt:

How to contact Matt:

Work email: matthew.honeycutt@rockhurst.edu

Personal email: honeycuttm89@yahoo.com

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