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About GenWhy Leaders Podcast:Entitled, lazy, unreliable. These are just a few of the words used to describe Millennials. It wasn’t too long ago consumer and employer reports were being built about us, and how we would acclimate to the professional world. Now, we'll soon be leading the workforce. According to Forbes, 75% of the national labor force will be millennials by 2025. Despite the negative stereotypes, this generation is full of individuals already taking leadership positions at companies, starting their own businesses, and pursuing their purpose to support themselves and their families. In the GenWhy Leaders Podcast, we learn why leaders in this age group do what they do, what keeps them motivated, and how they succeed in this ever-more competitive marketplace.

On this episode:

  1. Learn what the GenWhy Leaders Podcast is (see above)
  2. Get to know host Eric Hughey and why he started the podcast
  3. Know what to expect on oncoming episodes

Interesting Stats according to Forbes mentioned in this episode:

  1. Millennials have taken over as the majority population in the workforce.
  2. Millennials hold about 20 percent of all active leadership roles. (manager and above)
  3. By 2025, 75% of the national labor force will be millennials.

Preview of upcoming GenWhy Leaders Podcast Episodes:

  1. Brent Vogel, Sports Medicine Sales Representative for Stryker
    • Topic: Sacrificing success for significance
    • Topic: Taking massive action to build a business
  2. Logan Freeman, Owner of LiveFree Investments
    • Topic: The importance of self awareness
  3. Ryan Bennett, former VP of IdleSmart and now Business & Leadership Coach
    • Topic: How to pivot when your back is against the wall
  4. Marie Baldwin, Digital Art Director at Trozzolo Communication Group
    • Topic:Being intentional with your time
  5. Matt Honeycutt, MBA Admissions Director at Rockhurst university

Three keys to starting your journey to your big goal:

  1. Get over fear
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of what others might think about you
    • FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real (all perception)
    • No one is good at anything when they start
    • Failure is just feedback
      • Act (do something, take a step forward)
      • Access (what worked? what didn’t? what could be better?)
      • Adjust (take another step forward in a different or more prepared way)
    • Failure + reflection = progress: quote from Ray Dalio, Co-Chairman of Bridgewater
    • The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs - Book by Hal Elrod that tells you how to make a morning routine and stick to it.
  2. Fail fast and often, learn from it, stick to the plan
    • Purposely set goals higher than you need to
    • Counter intuitive - many people tell you to “be realistic” but you should always Aim High
    • The 10X Rule - Book by Grant Cardone about how to set and achieve goals by taking massive action.
  3. When in doubt, take more action

Where can I find the GenWhy Leaders Podcast?Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and iTunes (pending).

Know someone who would be a great guest on the podcast?Email us at genwhyleaders@gmail.com. You can also learn about new episodes by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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