013 - Book Breakdown | Logan Freeman Reviews The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
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Logan’s Why:

“I want to prove to myself I can achieve uncommon goals. Freedom. I want the freedom of life to have choices. To own my own time. To make my own choices. To work on projects that matter. The only way to do that is to have massive impact.”

Goal achievement: 

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. Massive action plan-what can you do
  4. Prioritize the MVPs and PPAS
  5. Schedule it and make deadlines
  6. Leverage - how can you help automate/others to help get you to your outcome
  7. Execution-massive action

Your self-worth cannot be tied to your outcomes. Your confidence comes because of the preparation you have completed in the foundational work and skills that you have built upon throughout your experiences. If it’s tied to your outcomes you’re going to be a roller coaster. There are things you cannot control, but if you have self satisfaction knowing that you did the best that you were capable of doing, that’s were true self confidence comes from.

Before you can have a breakthrough you need to remove your number one roadblock. You have to take inventory of yourself. Be real, and work through what’s holding you back. Once identified, you can remove this and unlock much more potential. For example, if money is your #1 limiting factor, mitigate and neutralize this by working through a budget and getting your stabilized income where you can keep your head above water and work on your side hustle. Don’t throw yourself headfirst into the deep-end without a plan, because that’s how people fail. Instead, remove your roadblock so you can breathe, so you have some margin and then you’ll have the headspace and capacity to work on what really matters. This takes maturity, self awareness and patience

Stop waiting to be taught something you already know! Anyone can have a great idea, but it’s what you do with the thought that defines you.

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal. Stay focused on what you want, just make sure you take the path that leads to your goal. 

Pressure is a privilege. Pressure creates diamonds.

Succeeding is easier than making excuses or apologies. Does it come overnight? Is it easy? No, but neither is always struggling to get by. They both have their cost.

Commit first, figure it out later.

You go all in, almost to an obsession. Other people don’t have the commitment you have. Make sure you don’t create your own anxiety.

If you’re not creating new problems for yourself, you’re not taking massive actions 

Inspiration only reveals itself after perspiration.

I won’t follow money, I will follow my purpose because I know those who chase money have no purpose, and money chases those who follow their purpose! 

Getting the plane off the ground takes 10x more action and energy than what is required for the plane to cruise at an altitude of 30k feet at 400 mph.

There is no finding yourself in life. You create yourself. You grab life by the balls and you take what’s rightfully yours. You don’t beg the world to change. You change what you present to the world, then the world changes to fit your mold.

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