028 - This too shall pass
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Overview:On this episode, host Eric Hughey shares his thoughts on the latest developments of the Coronavirus. As a point of encouragement to stay strong and focused, he also shares an excerpt from one of his favorite books, The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. 

“Unprecedented”Times are definitely unprecedented, but so is our fear. So, in this time of unprecedented fear, let us meet it with unprecedented strength, let us meet it with an unprecedented sense of fortitude, and an unprecedented sense of community.

Excerpt from The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino:

I will laugh at the world.

And how can I laugh when confronted with a person or deed which offends me so as to bring forth my tears or my curses?  

Four words I will train myself to say until they become a habit so strong that immediately they will appear in my mind whenever good humor threatens to depart from me.  These words, passed down from the ancients, will carry me through every adversity and maintain my life in balance. These four words are:This too shall pass.

I will laugh at the world.

For all worldly things shall indeed pass.  When I am heavy with heartache I shall console myself that this too shall pass; when I am puffed with success I shall warn myself that this too shall pass.  When I am strangled in poverty I shall tell myself that this too shall pass; when I am burdened with wealth I shall tell myself that this too shall pass. Where is he who built the pyramid? Is he not buried within its stone?  And will the pyramid, one day, not also be buried under sand? If all things shall pass why should I be of concern for today?

I will laugh at the world.

I will paint this day with laughter; I will frame this night in song.  Never will I labor to be happy; rather I will remain too busy to be sad.  I will enjoy today's happiness today. It is not grain to be stored in a box.  It is not wine to be saved in a jar. It cannot be saved for the morrow. It must be sown and reaped on the same day and this will I do, henceforth.

I will laugh at the world.

Greatest Salesman in the World: 


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