016 - Book Breakdown | Eric Hughey Reviews Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
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Eric’s Why:My why is to use the spiritual gifts I have been blessed with to glorify God, and lead others to him by encouraging them in their personal and professional lives. I want to inspire others to overcome fear, go after their dreams, and live the life they’ve always imagined. 


Main concept of the book: The elements of story narrative including hero, guide, villain, etc. can be applied to marketing and business communications. In short, the customer will always identify as the hero of their own story. As a result, your marketing and communication messages should also position your business as the guide in your hero’s (customer’s) story, and be the resource they need to solve their problem. Click here to buy Building a StoryBrand

7-Part StoryBrand Framework:

  1. A Hero
  2. Encounters a problem
  3. And meets a guide
  4. Who gives the hero a plan
  5. And calls them to action
  6. To avoid failure
  7. And achieve success

Applying the 7-part framework to a movie:

  1. A Hero: Katniss Everdeen of District 12
  2. Encounters a problem: Evil government; volunteers as tribute; must compete in Hunger Games
  3. And meets a guide: Haymitch, a previous winner of the hunger games 
  4. Who gives the hero a plan: Haymitch can use his experience to help Katniss win as well His plan for Katniss? -- win the crowd; have a better attitude; get more sponsors and resources
  5. And calls them to action: Let the games begin!
  6. To avoid failure: Don’t die, so you can return home to your family and inspire the rebellion
  7. And achieve success: Katniss wins!

Applying the 7-part framework to marketing from PlanetFitness:

  1. A Hero: someone who wants to be healthier by exercising more
  2. Encounters a problem: doesn’t like being intimidated at the gym; wants to focus on cardio and less intensive exercise; doesn’t want to pay a lot 
  3. And meets a guide: Planet Fitness
  4. Who gives the hero a plan: Planet Fitness - “you can work out here for just $10 a month, and when people are being loud and obnoxious, we’ll sound an alarm and literally kick them out”
  5. And calls them to action: “Come on in and try it out!”
  6. To avoid failure: “It’s important to workout, but you don’t need to pay a fortune or be surrounded by meatheads.”
  7. And achieve success: Get healthy on your terms at an affordable price

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Interested in reading the full book? Click here to buy Building a StoryBrand! Follow author Donald Miller on social media:

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