Genuinely Useful
Genuinely Useful
Nov 5, 2019
Pt 1 - Electronic Silent Spring - Katie Singer
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“EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. All living creatures need the Earth’s EMFs in order to navigate, digest food, reproduce and more. Human-made EMFs emitted by electronic technologies can interfere with and harm living creatures’ basic functioning.”

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Katie Singer’s book, An Electronic Silent Spring “focuses on how mobile phones and Wi-Fi affect children and how wireless technologies can interfere with medical implants like insulin pumps, cardiac pacemakers and deep brain stimulators.”

An Electronic Silent Spring also offers an extensive solutions section for policy makers, telecom and utility companies, schools, civic groups and individuals who want emf solutions and protection for emf.”

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Other links/references:

THE BIOINITIATIVE REPORT 2012 - A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)


BEES, BIRDS AND MANKIND Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ - Ulrich Warnke


Sebastopol, CA: Consider The Plights of Those Living At An Attractive and Well-Managed Affordable Housing Project — 250 to 500 feet from a Macro Cell Tower


Electromagnetic Radiation Safety - Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.


National Toxicology Program releases final reports on rat and mouse studies of radio frequency radiation like that used in 2G and 3G cell phone technologies


National Toxicology Program: Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation


For more than 35 years, Microwave News has been reporting on the potential health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields and radiation. We are widely recognized as a fair and objective source of information on this controversial subject.



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