How to Fix a Drug Scandal
Jean Baptiste Georges
Drugs make everyone curious. Everyone wants to know what the fuss is all about, what is the allure of this strange powder, or pill, or liquid that people can’t live without once they get hooked to it. While most of us keep this curiosity at bay, lest it kills us too, others fall in its trap and spiral down the pit of addiction. By now, almost every aspect of drugs has been explored. We have seen stories of addicts and how they are trapped in their craving for just one more hit. We have seen stories of men who have become rich and powerful by setting up empires around this trade. We have also seen the stories of people who are engaged in the never-ending war on drugs, and we have also seen how high up the political ladder its reach can extend. All of these stories have a touch of glitz or action or psychedelia.
How to Fix a Drug Scandal
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