Future of Tech
Future of Tech
Mar 22, 2021
The Future of Cybersecurity
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Even though Josh Bressers says that security itself is meant to be boring, there are no dull moments when discussing the evolution of the world of cybersecurity, especially because security is truly a never-ending journey. 

Josh leads the Product Security Group at Elastic, and in his previous role at Red Hat he was a Cybersecurity Strategist & Product Manager, leading the security strategy in Red Hat's Platform Business Unit. On this episode of Future of Tech, Josh dives into every corner of the cybersecurity world, including how working in open source has finally emerged as the winner in the world of tech and what that means from a security standpoint. He also discusses how artificial intelligence is taking on a more important role in security operations, especially as more and more people are working from home. Plus, a look at the history of DevSecOps and where that part of the industry is headed in a more digitally-connected world and the inside scoop on how hackers are attacking businesses today and what to do to turn them away. Enjoy this episode!

 Main Takeaways:


  • Good and Bored: Ideally, security within businesses should be boring. When cybersecurity is done correctly, no one should know about what is happening and operations should run smoothly.
  • Bring in the Bots: Although A.I. has been somewhat of a white whale in the world of technology, in terms of security, there are actual application and use cases that prove A.I. is a beneficial tool. Especially as more people have moved to working from home, having bots scan through the security protocols, logins and other logs to flag suspicious activity has become more important than ever, and it is a job only a bot can do effectively.
  • Grab and Go: Hackers today are much more opportunistic than they were in the past. When hackers attack today, they go big and try to get as much data as they can in one fell swoop. Crime is becoming a business, and companies need to protect against widespread data hacks more today than ever before.


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