Future of Tech
Future of Tech
Dec 28, 2020
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Evolution of Compute Platforms, Part 2
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We have been told that we are currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Technology is reshaping how we live and work, but we are only in the first wave of feeling the impact technology has had. In the next few years, many believe that technology will see even greater innovations, which will have a huge amount of influence on just about everything in our lives. Toby Eduardo Redshaw is one of the folks who believe that is true, and as the SVP of Enterprise Innovation and 5G Solutions at Verizon, he’s had a front-row seat to some of the exciting technological innovations that will soon be widespread. 

Toby believes that we are in the middle of a critical time of change, experimentation, innovation and advancement. On this two-part episode of Future of Tech, he takes us through some of the areas that he sees as ripe to make the biggest impact on our lives and work moving forward. In Part 2 of this discussion, Toby explains how big tech companies need to come together to form partnerships, what it means to innovate with an impact, and the need for even more trust and transparency in the future. Enjoy!

Main Takeaways:


  • Just the Beginning: We are still at the beginning of the timeline of the fourth industrial revolution. In the next few years, expect to see even greater technological shifts than what we have experienced in the last decade-plus.
  • Howdy, Partner: There is more overlap in tech than ever before. As such, the giants of the industry will likely find more opportunities than ever to partner with their counterparts, but it will take a bit of adjustment.
  • Do You Trust Me?: Today’s consumers demand honesty and transparency from the companies they engage with. Customers need to trust that a company is doing exactly what it says and that it is operating with the best intentions. Those that break that trust will be doomed to fail.


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