Future of Fitness
Future of Fitness
Sep 21, 2021
Jim Adams - Technology Outpacing Education & The War of The Wearables
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Jim Adams is the host of the Masters in Fitness Business Podcast. A native of St. Louis, Jim is a fitness expert, entrepreneur, and popular speaker who knows what it takes to overcome adversity and follow your passion.

Years ago shortly after high school, a near-death experience changed the trajectory of Jim’s life forever. He became weak and frail. Doctors told him he should accept this new reality. But Jim refused. Instead, he fought back with strength and determination. And, he started doing something he’d never done before: he began to work out.

He continued working out in college while pursuing his degree in social work. Each semester, as he supplemented his core classes with electives, his destiny seemed to shift into focus as he found he was naturally gravitating toward classes like kinesiology, nutrition, and body building. After college, he began his career in social work. But when a friend opened a training studio and asked if he wanted to work with him, Jim couldn’t resist. As much as he loved the field of social work, he realized his true passion was fitness and training.



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