How I Got Started in Web 3.0, NFT’s and The Metaverse with Howard Kingston Stephanie Kingston
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Like to get to know what happens behind the scenes at Frontier of the Metaverse? 

This episode is an intro to Howard Kingston, interviewed by Special guest Stephanie Kingston. 

You’ll learn how we got started in Web 3.0, NFT’s and the Metaverse, how we make our investment decisions and why we think Web 3.0 is such a big opportunity.

We all know that the internet has changed our lives, but what is Web 3.0 and how will it change things for the better? 

Right now, we're living in Web 2.0. This is the era of social media, where people are interacting with each other on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But this is just the beginning - we're moving into a new era called Web 3.0.

In Web 3.0, people will be interacting with websites in a whole new way. Instead of just reading articles or watching videos, you'll be able to interact with them directly - by buying things, playing games, or even investing in cryptocurrencies. 

In today's podcast, join Howard and Stephanie Kingston as they share their Web 3.0 knowledge and experience, along with advice and suggestions for people who are just starting out.

The 3 things you will learn: 

  1. Learn from Howard and Stephanie's Web 3.0 journey, how it impacted them, and how it can change things for you too!
  2. Useful resources to help you get started with Web 3 and Metaverse.
  3. How to better approach your finances and start investing in the Web 3



P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 3 ways we can help you become a Metaverse Expert

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