25 Days of Podmas Recap
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Throughout the month of December, FPL Talking Points launched an ambitious campaign to feature a unique podcast or video stream from the FPL community each day for 25 straight days from December 1 until Christmas! We brought content creators from around the FPL globe to the attention of Fantasy Premier League managers in need of extra advice, tips, and strategy during this busy festive period.

While you can visit the 25 Days of Podmas page on FPL Talking Points at any time to learn more about each feature, we wanted to do a quick round-up of all of the great FPL content creators that were featured throughout the holiday season

  1. Day 1: FPL JUiCE – Get the latest squeeze of all the juicy bits, each week, from our favourite game, the Fantasy Premier League! An interactive Podcast for the FPL Community. Gameweek Reviews, Tips, PUNditry, Q&A’s, Banter and more! Hosted by Ash and Nick.
  2. Day 2: FPL Focus – Joining the FPL community two years ago, Arsenal fan and dad-of-three Triple F creates FPL content on his YouTube channel. As well as previewing and reviewing FPL Gameweeks, Triple FFF has appeared as a guest on FPL Nymfria and FPL Today’s channels. While striving to improve his FPL rank, Triple F is determined to deliver community-focused content.
  3. Day 3: Jumpers for Goalposts – Jumpers for Goalposts was created in the summer of 2020 by FPL_Elstatto as a means of giving more back to the Fantasy Football world. Initially by offering weekly articles and FPL content from the team of writers, but also by providing tools and stats and help to better improve your FPL Season.
  4. Day 4: FPL Experiment – The FPL Experiment is 3 normal guys, trying to beat the system. Well, The Fantasy Premier League system. Join Adam, Greg and Nick, as they try to create a successful FPL team. There will be guests, statistical analysis and lots of renegade decisions from Greg.
  5. Day 5: FPL Escapades – FPL Escapades is three friends and former college teammates discussing Fantasy Premier League, The English Premier League, and World Football. Stay tuned for Previews, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions, Banters, and more.
  6. Day 6: FPL Talking Points – The interactive map on FPL Talking Points has always been a gift not only to up and coming content creators in the FPL community, but also to the millions of managers that consume that content each gameweek to improve their results. By localizing the content geographically, we are able to connect managers to the content creators in their own regions.
  7. Day 7: FPL in The Dugout – Everyone knows there is a lot of action on FPL Twitter. What we like about FPL in The Dugout is that it really uses features in Instagram well to provide a great product on an underutilized platform. So check out iTD each week for their IGTV video segments (and the rest of their posts), which will prepare you and your team for the upcoming gameweek!
  8. Day 8: FPL Hangover – Welcome to a channel where all your FPL dreams/nightmares can come true! 2 long-serving FPL players that have been rocking the podcast scene for two years now arrive at the shores of Youtube with one thing on their mind, World Domination. The main course will be Weekly FPL Gameweek Reviews and Previews, served with a side of Hints, Tips and Advice.
  9. Day 9: FPL FML – Alon and Walsh mix healthy doses of banter, footy insight, and bitter despicable language into their weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast ramblings.
  10. Day 10: FPL Gents – FPL Gents is not only a fellow FFScout Academy team member, but also our first content creator from Sweden (and only our second from the FPL-rich Scandinavia in general)! Each week they bring you excellent gameweek previews in the form of Twitter threads and YouTube videos!
  11. Day 11: FPL Double Up – With his nearly 40K followers and incredibly useful content, FPL Heisenberg has already conquered FPL Twitter. Now he’s teamed with the also amazing John Nellis to bring the FPL Double Up podcast to your ears each week. Not sure how I found the time, but somehow this show has quickly worked it’s way into my playlist every week already!
  12. Day 12: Just Above the Average Podcast – FPL pod, talking nonsense and navigating our way through the ranks.
  13. Day 13: The Season Keepers – The Season Keepers aren’t just for FPL managers! They cover a much wider range of topics than our usual podcasts. In fact, they are the first podcast on FPL Talking Points that covers #ChampmanFPL! Definitely worth a listen if you’ve been thinking about dabbling in that game. They also discuss #SKYFF. Where do they find the time?!
  14. Day 14: Midnight FPL – Welcome to Midnight FPL, our new podcast where average players, give average advice, over a beer.
  15. Day 15: Man On Podcast – The Man On podcast is the only podcast that covers 4 of the most popular Fantasy Football games; FPL, SkyFF, GAFFR and ChampMan. Darren and Thomas discuss their own journeys and give an overview of what has happened each week and what’s coming up. They invite listener questions and encourage listeners to engage with the pod as well. Look out for competitions where prizes can be won as well as lots of laughs along the way.
  16. Day 16: Rebel FPL – Rebel FPL is a very cool and unique take on FPL podcast content. You’ve got a Liverpool fan and an Arsenal fan. What they’re doing is trying to focus on the actual football and the tactics with two segments on their respective clubs. And then they focus on a couple key fixtures along with covering the FPL (talking) points for the week. It really is a great listen for Liverpool and arsenal fans especially!
  17. Day 17: Only 1 Bonus Point Pod – Just a light take on a deep game. Join Law & Rj each gameweek as they tackle the trials & tribulations of Fantasy Premier League!
  18. Day 18: FPL Banger – The FPL Banger Podcast (a spin-off of our general football pod, the Banger Committee) is a concise, stats-driven weekly FPL podcast with Sam & Siva, 2 friends who have played FPL for almost 10 years with 5 top 20k finishes (14k in 2020) between the 2 of us.
  19. Day 19: FPL Side Net – Welcome to FPL Side Net! A podcast talking all things Fantasy Premier League Football. Join us weekly as we discuss the past round of Fantasy Premier league, strategies for the current season and our hope to pass on a little wisdom and advice for your team to get the best out of your mini league!
  20. Day 20: Americans Talk FPL – Americans Talk FPL is run by Jason and Beraht, who produce video content for every Gameweek of the Fantasy season on their YouTube channel. The duo also cover football action that impacts on FPL such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Americans Talk FPL focuses on improving you team and achieving those coveted green arrows.
  21. Day 21: Alfie Pods Fantasy Footy – Alfie is a comedian and quizzer, who has now, thanks to a solid obsession with football, found himself the host of an FPL Podcast. On his show, Alfie is joined by many different Fantasy community writers to discuss player value, budgets, captaincy and many tactical gameplays and philosophies that could help managers succeed in FPL. If you like your FPL and football chat with a spoonful of sugary fun and some killer jingles, Alfie Pods Fantasy Footy is the place for you.
  22. Day 22: Bang Average Podcast – The Bang Average Podcast provides Fantasy Football insight and elite level nonsense as some of the finest minds in fantasy join host John Wallin, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA to talk Draft and The Official Fantasy Premier League Fantasy game.
  23. Day 23: FPL Renegades – A weekly mix of FPL stats, chat and nonsense!
  24. Day 24: FPL Chip Chat – Your go-to FPL Podcast, providing you with all the thrills and spills that football has to offer, but with a more casual twist compared to the usual Carol Vorderman style of punditry. Listen to lighthearted episodes each gameweek from co-hosts Charles and Wicks, featuring a mountain of guests from our mini-league who are in with the chance to win some ice-cold pints! We will be talking hot picks, who’s in the trash, alongside our favorite.. Chip strategy!
  25. Day 25: FPL Academica – FPL Academica are an aspiring, tight-knit group of podcasters who make up the Academica Vertex Podcast. Our aim is to cover all the key issues in a way that is both engaging and informative. We also run the Vertex League which is a real Premier League fixture H2H battle among the fans of the respective Premier League clubs.

Wow! Those are a lot of great options for all your FPL consumption needs. So no matter where you are around the world and what you celebrate, we hope that your holiday season was filled with cheer, joy, and FPL points! On to a Happy New Year in 2021 with even more FPL points to come!

And remember, as always you can find podcasts, video streams, and other content creators local to your geography on our interactive map!


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