Forward Tilt by Praxis
36 - Find Gold in Grunt Work
Sep 8, 2017 · 7 min
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Too many new employees are eager to get out of grunt work. They are right to want to focus on creating more value, but they miss the opportunity that grunt work provides.    On this episode, Isaac shares a story from a conversation with a CEO about a young employee asking for a raise.    He did everything well but made it clear he didn’t like grunt work. As a result, he didn’t make himself indispensable and didn’t get a raise. He was replaceable.    As you gain experience and make yourself more valuable, you will naturally have less grunt work to do. But by always remaining open to doing the work no one else wants to do will make you an incredibly valuable employee no matter where you work.    In this episode:  - Making yourself irreplaceable  - Founders are never to good for grunt work - Overlooking the opportunity that grunt work can provide - Everyone will see you getting coffee or watering plants - If you feel like you do too much grunt work, it’s on you to make yourself more valuable. It’s on you to prove that you can do more.    For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth, go to
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