Folk on Foot
Folk on Foot
Aug 1, 2018
The Young'uns in Hartlepool
51 min

Season 1 Episode 1: Winners of the Best Album award at the 2018 Radio 2 Folk Awards, the Young’uns are three troubadours from Teeside. Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes take Matthew Bannister on a walk round the historic headland of Hartlepool where Sean used to live in a shed in his parents’ back garden. Along the way they tell stories and sing songs inspired by the location, visiting the medieval Sandwell Gate, St Hilda’s Church and the Heugh Battery, site of the only First World War battle to take place on British soil. Here they sing the poignant song “Theo Jones” on the spot where this soldier was killed in the battle. On the seafront they sing about an Elizabethan frying pan ban. They end up in the Pot House pub, where the Young’uns used to run a folk club, singing Cooney’s original composition “The Hartlepool Pedlar”. There may also be time for a pint. 

Aria Code
Aria Code
WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera
Rossini's La Cenerentola: Opera's Cinderella Story
Gioachino Rossini’s operatic version of the Cinderella story may not have any enchanted mice or pumpkins, but there’s plenty of magic in the music. Cinderella (or La Cenerentola, in Italian) has silently suffered the abuse of her stepfather and stepsisters, but in true fairy tale fashion, her fate changes for the better and all is made right by the triumph of goodness over evil. In the opera’s joyous finale “Nacqui all’affanno… Non più mesta,” Cenerentola looks ahead to a future with no more sadness. In this episode, Rhiannon Giddens and guests explore this universal tale and how it still resonates today. Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato sings the aria onstage at the Metropolitan Opera. The Guests Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato loves the strength and sincerity of this great Rossini heroine. She has performed the title role in La Cenerentola at leading opera houses around the world and believes in its absolute celebration of human goodness. Writer Fred Plotkin loves opera – all of it! – and he shares this love in his book Opera 101: A Guide to Learning and Loving Opera. He has a special connection to Rossini’s music, which he feels is all about the heartbeat. Maria Tatar is a research professor at Harvard University in the fields of folkore and mythology. She vividly remembers when her sister used to read fairy tales to her as a child, and believes that we have the right and responsibility to keep retelling these stories in a way that’s meaningful to us today. Mezzo-soprano Alma Salcedo’s mother tells her she’s been singing since she was nine months old. Her personal Cinderella story began in Venezuela and has brought her to Spain, where she has fought to keep her dreams of being a singer alive.
41 min
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Gary John Bishop
Winning Them Back
It's no secret - even the most long-lived romantic relationships face their fair share of obstacles. But when your love is tested, you need to be open to the idea that it might not be the relationship that needs to get unfu*ked... It might just be you! So turn up the volume, because GJB is back on the warpath to bring you for another riveting episode of Unfu*k Nation - this time, breaking down why it's time to stop working toward "winning them back," discussing how you can bring your best self to your relationships, and answering these big questions from listeners around the Nation: * How can I take ownership of my past relationship's faults and close this chapter of my life without dwelling in the past? * My husband had an affair, should I inform his the spouse of his mistress? * How can I overcome the fear that my partner might leave me? Is there a better way to manage insecurity in relationships? All that and more is ahead on this episode of Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop! Are You Ready to Unfu*k Yourself for Good? * If you want to be the first to know when we drop new episodes, please take a moment to Follow or Subscribe to Unfuck Nation wherever you listen to your favorite Podcasts. * If you have a question for Gary that you'd like featured on an upcoming episode, you can click here to email him directly or leave us a voicemail on the Unfuck Nation Hotline at (646) 450-3203. * If you'd like to show your support for the show, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share the show with a friend or write a review for the show on Apple Podcasts. * For more of Gary's content, you can click here to visit his website or you can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
36 min
The First Mile
The First Mile
Ep7: Pip Stewart on Creating a Lifestyle Career, and Making Social Media Work for You.
Ever wondered how to become a so-called “influencer”? The secret is storytelling. In this episode, Ash interviews his friend and co-host, Pip Stewart. Pip has cycled halfway around the world, embarked on a world-first kayak journey through the Amazon and survived a flesh-eating parasite. She talks about how she accidentally fell into a career in travel journalism, how one massive adventure changed her life, and why she sees social media as the route to editorial independence. In this episode, find out: * Why you need to embrace being shit. * If it’s important to get a journalism degree. * Why hustle is key. * Why social media is so powerful (and how to avoid its dark side). * How Pip got a job as Red Bull’s Adventure Editor. * How to get noticed in a crowded media world. * How to create a lifestyle career that works for you. * Why you should take online relationships offline. * How to deal with your ego. * How to become an influencer. Links mentioned in this episode: * Pip Website * Pip Instagram * Pip Twitter * Jo Cantello, Wolfsong media * Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong * Elizabeth Gilbert on following your curiosity. * Reza Pakravan * Explorers Connect * Ness Knight * Laura Bingham * * Preview app * Inshot * CutStory. JOIN US ON SOCIAL: We’d love to hear what you think of this week’s The First Mile and if you’ve got any suggestions of topics or people you’d like to hear interviewed. Drop us a line on Instagram @AshBhardwaj and @PipStewart or Twitter @AshBhardwaj and @PipStewart. *Please consider leaving a review if you enjoyed this episode. Thank you!
44 min
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