Folk on Foot
Folk on Foot
Aug 8, 2019
Duncan Chisholm at Sandwood Bay
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Sandwood Bay, at the far North Western tip of Scotland near Cape Wrath, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. This wild, isolated place inspired the Scottish fiddle player and composer Duncan Chisholm’s album “Sandwood”.  He takes Matthew on the four-mile walk from the nearest road to experience the stark beauty of white sand, ancient rocks and rolling waves, telling stories of storms, hauntings and the remains of a Viking longship and a crashed Spitfire hidden under the beach. Then it’s out with the fiddle to hear some of the music inspired by Sandwood.

The Smart 7
The Smart 7
Daft Doris
Ep 163. Tragedy in the Channel, Obama winds up Trump, Kazakhstan promise "Very Nice" time for tourists...
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