Folk on Foot
Folk on Foot
Jul 9, 2020
Frank Turner on the Holloway Road
53 min

On the surface Frank Turner is a man of contrasts: the old Etonian who became a punk; the heavy metal fan who became a folk-influenced singer songwriter. On this walk through his old haunts on the Holloway Road in North London he reveals the inspiration for his change in musical direction, calling in at the venue Nambucca where “the scales fell from my eyes” and he discovered the power of “three chords and the truth”. In the empty venue he plays the songs he wrote about the creative scene there, before heading down the road to The Garage, where his passion for punk was ignited. Along the way he reflects on the history of the area, his own sofa-surfing experiences, his tattoos and his relationship with his mother.  

The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast
The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast
Evanna Lynch
S3, Ep6: Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity in Veganism with Aryenish Birdie
This season of The ChickPeeps is brought to you by our friends at Vivo Life! Use our code 'chickpeeps10' to get 10% off your order at In this episode Evy and Tylor talk to Aryenish Birdie, founder of Encompass, about her work to make the animal protection movement more racially diverse, equitable, and inclusive, and what each of us can do to reach and help more people with our activism. While you’re listening, please take a moment to check out the link to our sponsor. Not only are Vivo Life a great, vegan company, but their support also allows us to continue to produce The ChickPeeps for you! We love them and their products and we think you will too. In this episode… * Aryenish describes how she inherited her respect for animals from her parents, who bonded as teenagers while protecting stray dogs on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. * She remembers her first experience as an activist, campaigning with the help of her mother, against a draconian frog dissection project that was mandated by her school. * Aryenish shares what she learned from her years at The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and what prompted her to found Encompass. * Aryenish tells us about the issues caused by the lack of representation within veganism and the challenges present when promoting diversity within our movement. * We talk about how animal rights is an ally-led movement and the need for diversity as our movement is only as strong as the voices of which it is composed. * Aryenish shares tips on how each of us can promote inclusivity in our activism and create a better world for human and non-human animals. Links: Visit their website at Encompass Movement Follow their latest work on the Encompass Movement Instagram Facebook and Twitter The Sentient Media #EncompassEssays can be read here People of the global majority can join our Caucus here Follow Aryenish on Instagram or her self-care ‘puttering’ Instagram account Resources Aryenish mentioned: No One’s Paying Me To Cry: Burnout And Animal Advocacy Food Empowerment Project on Instagram Black Vegans Rock on Instagram Chistopher Sebastian on Instagram Get In Touch: Bonus Content: ChickPeeps Patreon Instagram: @ChickPeepsPod Facebook: @ChickPeepsPodcast
51 min
Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader's Quarterly
25: A Writer’s Territory
The Scottish nature writer Jim Crumley takes the Slightly Foxed team on a tour of literary landscapes, from the lochs of the Trossachs and the mountainous Cairngorms to Aldo Leopold’s sand county in Wisconsin and Barry Lopez’s Arctic. Together they trace the chain of writers who have influenced Jim, from Robert Burns and Wordsworth to Thoreau and Walt Whitman, and see nature through the eyes of his hero, the great Scottish naturalist and photographer Seton Gordon. They discuss how folklore has demonized the wolf while Jim believes its reintroduction could hugely benefit the ecology of the Scottish landscape. And finally they venture off the beaten track with this month’s wide-ranging reading recommendations. Please find links to books, articles, and further reading listed below. The digits in brackets following each listing refer to the minute and second they are mentioned. (Episode duration: 40 minutes; 24 seconds) Books Mentioned We may be able to get hold of second-hand copies of the out-of-print titles listed below. Please get in touch ( with Jess in the Slightly Foxed office for more information.  An Englishman’s Commonplace Book ( , Roger Hudson (1:14) A Boy at the Hogarth Press & A Parcel of Time ( , Richard Kennedy (6:40)  Jim Crumley’s Seasonal Quartet: The Nature of Autumn ( , The Nature of Winter ( , The Nature of Spring ( , The Nature of Summer ( (11:03) The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland, The Charm of Skye and Amid Snowy Wastes, Seton Gordon are out print, but some Seton Gordon titles are available from Trieste Publishing ( (14:11) A High and Lonely Place ( , Jim Crumley (15:49) A Sand County Almanac ( , Aldo Leopold (18:14) Arctic Dreams ( , Barry Lopez (18:43) The Last Wolf ( , Jim Crumley (22:54) Highland River, Neil Gunn is currently out of stock at the publisher (31:07) Featherhood ( , Charlie Gilmour (33:28) The Silver Dark Sea ( , Susan Fletcher (35:13) A Month in Siena ( , Hisham Matar (36:12) The Hunting Party ( , Lucy Foley (38:00) Related Slightly Foxed Articles Word from the Wood ( , Galen O’Hanlon on A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold, Issue 54 (18:14) Northern Lights ( , Penelope Lively on Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez, Issue 4 (18:43) Other Links An Englishmans’ Commonplace Book ‘launch party’ at John Sandoe Books ( (1:19)  The Art Workers’ Guild ( (1:54)  Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park ( (8:37)  Saraband, independent publisher ( (12:20)  Jim Crumley, The Scots Magazine ( (31:56) Opening music: Preludio from Violin Partita No.3 in E Major by Bach The Slightly Foxed Podcast is hosted by Philippa Lamb and produced by Podcastable (
40 min
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