Folk on Foot
Folk on Foot
Dec 12, 2019
Bonus Xmas Episode: The Sheffield Carols with Jon Boden, Bella Hardy and The Melrose Quartet
57 min

In search of the festive spirit of Christmas – and bearing gifts -  we travel to the Peak District and Sheffield to hear the area’s unique local carols. Along the way we collect music from Jon Boden, Bella Hardy, The Melrose Quartet and the singers of the villages of Dungworth and Hathersage. We hear how the traditional carols written and sung by working people were thrown out of the church – and had to find a new home in the village pubs. Put on your Santa hat, reindeer antlers or Christmas jumper, get yourself a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie and join us.  

Unwasted: The Podcast
Unwasted: The Podcast
Imperfect Foods
The Economics of Farming with Noelle Fogg Elibol
Everyone knows that farming is hard work, but a lot of us still fantasize about quitting our 9-5 and starting a small farm somewhere. So how hard is it to start farming, really?  According to the USDA, only 1 out of 2 small farms survive beyond their first five years, and out of those, only 1 out of 4 survive after 15 years. Why is it so hard to make a living by growing food?  To separate faring fact from farming fiction, we sat down with Noelle Fogg Elibol of Kitchen Table Advisors, a nonprofit dedicated to making agriculture a more viable business model for small farmers. In this fascinating conversation she share lessons about how we can to make farming a sustainable way of life for generations to come.  *Episode Show Notes:* * Learn more about Kitchen Table Advisors and check out their Instagram to stay up to date on their work.  * The USDA defines a small farm as any farm with gross income under $250,000 per year. * It's important to note that according to the USDA, "while most U.S. farms are small – 91 percent according to the Census of Agriculture – large farms ($250,000 and above) account for 85 percent of the market value of agricultural production.  * Noelle is proud to have worked with Javier Zamora of JSM Organics * If you want to get in the weeds of agriculture, there's no better place than the most recent US agriculture census, conducted in 2017.  * The Heal Food Alliance does important work to build a food system that is healthy, accessible, and affordable for everyone.  * Noelle recommended reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan, "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer, and "The Fate of Food" by Amanda Little to better understand our food system.  * Noelle also recommended watching the documentary Food Inc.
52 min
Armchair Explorer
Armchair Explorer
Aaron Millar
Descent into the Unknown: Inside the Greenland Ice Cap with Red Bull Photographer Christian Pondella
Follow Red Bull photographer Christian Pondella as he descends inside the Greenland Ice Cap, a place that no one had ever gone before. Greenland is one of the most remote and extreme countries on Earth. 80% of its surface is covered in ice, temperatures can reach -65°C. But it holds the second largest ice sheet on the planet, and it’s melting fast. Christian teams up with legendary ice climber Will Gadd, and glaciologist Jason Gulley,  to go deeper into the ice than anyone has ever gone before. Their expedition is fraught with danger, but the science they would bring would back change our understanding of climate change, sea level rise and the future of our planet. This is more than just an adventure. This is a descent into the unknown.  *Highlights include: * ·      *Descend into a moulin*, a dark hole in the ice where meltwater from the glacier surface rushes into depths below ·      *Explore inside the abyss,* a place no one has ever gone before ·      *Discover Greenland*, one of the most remote and extreme places on the planet  ·     * Learn about the cutting climate science *being done now on the Greenland ice cap, and how this expedition changed the fundamental models scientists were using to predict sea level rise over the coming decades. ·      *Hear about Christian’s incredible career *as  Red Bull photographer, including shooting a 300-ft snowmobile jump and a world-first sky dive without a parachute. You read that right. ·      *Get Christian’s top tips for adventure photography *and how to create that perfect shot * Christian Pondella *is one of the top adventure sports photographers in the world. As well as shooting for Red Bull, he is a senior photographer for Powder Magazine, a San Disk Extreme Team member, Fstop Global Pro, he has published work in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Outside, Men’s Journal, Maxim, FHM, GQ, Climbing, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, and a variety of other publications throughout the world.  Follow Christian’s work: Instagram @ChristianPondella / Cover image Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool *Thank you to Mammoth Lakes for sponsoring this episode! *Majestic in scale and awesome in its natural beauty, the year-round adventureland of Mammoth Lakes is one of those rare places that you have to see to still not totally believe. The name speaks to the size of the mountains, the expanse of the valleys, the incredible number of crystal clear mountain lakes and the endless opportunities for adventure just outside your door. But what makes this place really unique are the surreal storybook scenes that drop jaws, spark the imagination and make every moment feel like a brush with the truly incredible. For more info: F*or background information* on this episode, including Christian's photos from the trip, please visit: *Social media*: Instagram & Facebook: @armchairexplorerpodcast *Armchair Explorer*: the world's greatest adventurers tell their best story from the road. Each episode is cut documentary style with music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience. No long-winded interviews, just straight to the heart of the action 'Best travel podcasts 2020' - The Guardian 'Thrilling stuff' - Sunday Times 'Adventure stories from the wildest places on Earth' - The Telegraph 'Best Overall Podcast 2020' - Finalist DiscoverPods Awards
41 min
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