Folk on Foot
Folk on Foot
Jun 4, 2020
Bonus Episode: Seven Songs from Season 4
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Here’s a chance to re-visit some of the musical highlights of season 4 of Folk on Foot – complete and uninterrupted.

It features “Queen of Waters” by Nancy Kerr, “Scapa Flow 1919” by Kris Drever, “Sleeping Beauty” by Bella Hardy, “I’m a Woman on Wheels” by Peggy Seeger, “The Token” by Rachel Newton, “Walking Through Ithonside” by John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers and The Melrose Quartet singing “Bright New Year”.  Transport yourself to simpler, happier times as you enjoy these unique on location recordings. Then stand by for season 5 which will launch very soon.

The Smart 7
The Smart 7
Daft Doris
Ep 163. Tragedy in the Channel, Obama winds up Trump, Kazakhstan promise "Very Nice" time for tourists...
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