16. What to do when you feel uncomfortable in your body ft. Brianna Campos
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In today's episode, we interview Brianna (Bri) Campos is a licensed mental health counselor based in New Jersey. As a body image educator and the founder of Body Image With Bri, she’s passionate about all things body image and practices through the lens of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. Utilizing a weight-inclusive approach, she combines her clinical skills and lived experience to teach others how to maneuver through their own unique body image journeys.   In this episode you’ll hear:
  • Bri defines what body image is and explains how she got into her line of work. (0:41) 
  • What is body grief? Bri shares her definition and experience with body grief, especially through the lens of the various stages of grief (5:51)
  • Bri speaks to how body image can be tied with our relationship with food, diet culture and the negative voice in our heads. How do you get to a point where you no longer listen to that narrative? (10:58)
  • We look at weight loss through rose colored glasses. If we reach a certain weight milestone our lives can officially start. Bri shares how this attachment to body size is only a temporary fix (15:27)
  • What does a body image educator and mental health counselor recommend to people that say their issue is not about health but that they’re uncomfortable in their body? (18:59)
  • Bri shares her experience dealing with physical therapy (PT) and how it impacted her relationship with body image (23:16)
  • How do you handle and respond to friends or family that are making comments disguised as “concern” for health (25:42)
  • Bri also shares how pregnant women can handle this issue and deal with people making comments about their bodies (26:31)
  • How do you stop with the body comparisons? Bri shares how you can either have a body image thought trail or a body image spiral (32:23)
  • What is the connection between making peace with your body, body image, and food? Bri shares how we should focus on the mobility of our body rather than weight loss, and also giving our body rest. (40:31)
  Connect with Bri:

IG: @bodyimagewithbri

Website: www.bodyimagewithbri.com

Connect with Brittany & Lauren:

Brittany’s IG: @nofoodfears

Brittany’s Website: https://www.brittanymodellrd.com/ 

 Lauren’s IG: @loandlemons

Lauren’s Website: https://laurenrd.com/ 


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