Episode 10 (TWIP) - The Power of Branded Podcasts, How Much Money do Podcasters Make, and More.
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It’s Friday, October 11th. Welcome to This Week In Podcasting where we discuss this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes. This episode is provided by Sounder.fm, the Smartest way to Podcast. Let’s get started.

This week we cover, The Power of Branded Podcasts, How Much Money Do Podcasters Make?, Entercom’s podcast acquisition strategy, why Apple removes 260 podcasts a day, and today’s random podcasting thought.

Audio Activated, a new study from BBC Global News, used neuroscience to look into the minds of 2,448 audio listeners to determine just how effective brand mentions are in podcasts. Turns out, pretty effective. Their study shows advertisements boost brand consideration by 54%. Here’s why: 94% of podcasters are engaged with other activities while listening, like cooking dinner, exercising, or driving to work. Researchers found that when listeners are in a state of activity, they take in audio content through ‘low-involvement processing’, which frankly takes less brainpower. So not only is it easy for listeners to engage with the content, it's easy for them to listen for long periods that were formerly seen as ‘unreachable moments’ to advertisers. The study also shows that listeners create subconscious associations with brands based on descriptive words they hear in the podcast. Scientists mentioned the word “innovative” 12 times during the podcast study. Later, listeners were more likely to describe the sponsor as “innovative.” Podcast Trends Report 2019 reports similar podcast branding success. In their third annual survey, they report 55.6% of respondents said they purchased an item after hearing it advertised on a podcast. It makes you wonder, what products have snuck into your subconscious?

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