In Pursuit of Truth
Christian W. and Brad W.
What is truth? And where can we find it? Questions that may seem simple enough to answer at the first glance, but as one investigates they realize it is anything but simple. Humanity has argued, fraught, and raged war over what they think is the truth, which at the very least shows it’s important we try to find out what is and isn’t. Our podcast aims to find that which is true -without all the fighting and war of course. To start off in that aim, we want it to be known we are Christians and think the ultimate truth is found in Jesus Christ who we think is God and perfect, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to discuss all different types of philosophy, theology or have religious debate that goes against our position; in-fact, we invite it and want it, because we want to seek after the truth wherever it may lead, and if God can’t handle our questions, than maybe he isn’t God. So welcome to the Podcast where we are, “In Pursuit of Truth”.
In Pursuit of Truth
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