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Brainthropology Noun /brānTHrəˈpäləjē/ the study of optimizing brain health for peak performance in life the science of the human brain, especially the study of its influence over sensations, emotions, mental abilities, and function in daily life   ----------- You carry around a three-pound, wrinkly mass of tissue in your head that is the control center, enabling you to simultaneously think, move, feel emotions, and sense the world around you. It controls every single thing you will ever do including every breath, thought, emotion, and heartbeat. This amazing supercomputer is your brain and you have the ability to improve its functioning no matter your age or condition. On this podcast, we educate our listeners on the potential of the human brain, how to optimize its abilities, and equip you to find solutions when it has been altered by life, illness, or an injury. Our unique programming offers practical applications, exercises, expert interviews, and therapist feedback on issues we have been tackling together as a team for the last 20+years. We hope to share our knowledge and experience to empower and encourage you to live a life filled with hope, joy, and purpose.
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