Beyond Your Limits
Beyond Your Limits
May 16, 2022
EP 018: The Operational Mindset, with Jeff Banman
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The Operational Mindset, with Jeff Banman. Jeff is a recognized leader in the area of human performance and human behavior in high-stress environments. With over 30 years of experience across multiple domains including the Fire Service, the US Army Special Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Agency, Jeff now serves as the COO & Chief Human Performance Officer for a Global Fitness Brand. After conducting Counterterrorism operations in over twenty-three countries, two combat zones and multiple high-threat/non-permissive environments, Jeff has the privilege of dissecting human behavior at a micro level in order to enhance individual and team performance in some of the most intense moments imaginable. His study evaluated and developed algorithms for calculating minute shifts in Heart Rate Variability against variable stressors, distinct practices for managing the Central Nervous System while under significant stress and integrative techniques to help high-level operators remain fully present in order to navigate extreme situations.

4:32 We'll rewind kind of go back and Can you unpack this idea you and I were talking offline about the waited the imbalance of the body?

5:51 The foundation of kind of the sandbag workout or kind of broaden it out to the unstable load object, we call it Yulu. Workout is, it's a different dimension, really, it becomes a very visceral expression in fitness in a way.

23:48 It's been very hard for me to change around that scarcity, approaching things from a scarcity mindset and the things that I say to myself, I have to catch.

27:09 The path that I'm now exploring to understand is, how do we move people down a line of, of releasing that originating sensation, right of, of giving that freedom to disperse and reregulate so that you can return to zero, you know, and it's not a, you know, space of stillness.

33:04 If you cannot, for the next however long we're going to be together, take judgment and set it aside. Then do me a favor and just leave because one judgment is the barrier to growth 100%. I firmly believe that we come from worlds that are highly developed to sit in constant judgment.

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