Ma mere l'oie
Ma mere l'oie
Oct 12, 2021
14 - Beavers held the world - Conversation with Ben Goldfarb
Play • 48 min
There is an animal that can help us out of the drought and fires paradigm we live in. He can keep our rivers from becoming deep incisions in the land and raise water tables. He can create habitats for fish, butterflies, birds, and provide food for herbivores. He can keep nitrates and phosphorus from being bleached straight to the oceans and filter heavy metal pollution residues from mining, and suspend herbicides. His teeth are partially metal and never stop growing, he’s a system engineer. He is often at the bottom of the totem pole because he is a keystone species. He’s the beaver and before the whites came, millions and millions of dams turned rivers into broad valleys of life throughout Turtle island.
The fur trade, followed by valley agriculture, followed by rodent hatred blinded (some of ) us from seeing the central role of the ecosystem builder, the beaver.
My guest is Ben Goldfarb, journalist and author of Eager, The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers, and Why They Matter
Image : creative commons
Music : Paul Husky
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