Espresso Briefing Podcast
Espresso Briefing Podcast
Welcome to the Espresso Briefing podcast, a business book club for the perennially time poor! If you’re an executive, or an HR leader, or a professional whose appetite for learning about culture and performance is sadly outweighed by your lack of free time, then this is the place for you. If you’d be fascinated to learn how your organisation could flourish by knowing things like why there’s no concept of “should” in the Apache language, what jewel thieves can teach HR about organisational performance, and why the most successful sports team in the world attribute their success to sweeping floors after each game, then press play now! Hosts David Chapman and James Cook are coaches whose mission is to help organisations and leaders create cultures that enrichen profit, people, and planet. To enable this, each episode of Espresso Briefing will summarise the best insights and applicable learning from the world’s most fascinating thought leaders, to bring these cultures into being.
Espresso Briefing Podcast
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