Teacher Saves World!
#24- "What is Stereotype Threat?"
Jul 13, 2020 · 1 hr
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Laurie & Matt center this episode around the essential question, "What is Stereotype Threat?" Pulling from Claude M. Steele's book Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do, the very real and damaging cancer that is stereotype threat is discussed. Described as a diffuse threat, like a snake loose in the room, stereotype threat menaces any member of a minority when they are in a position to potentially confirm a negative stereotype through one false move or misstep. Originally observed and studied in minority groups' under performance in school, stereotype threat is found to reach into every corner of society.

As is always their aim, Laurie & Matt want to make sure that discussions turn into action. To that end, they offer evidence-based solutions for mitigating the affects of stereotype threat in schools, including:

1. Growth mindset lessons- helping minority students understand that intelligence is malleable
2. Self-affirmation exercises- brief writing assignments about personally held values
3. Increasing minority group representation
4. Valuing diversity
5. Being a "warm demander," increasing teacher credibility, and adopting an autonomy supportive teaching style

Episode #19 of Teacher Saves World!, titled "What Are the Most Important Teacher Qualities?" goes into greater detail with #5 in the list of interventions above.

The essential question conversation is book ended by Laurie's idea for lots of murals in the "If I Were Principal" opening segment, and Matt's admiration for the new generation of gadflys in the closing "That's the Beauty of it All."

Show music provided by Brian Karmelich and VirtualCampfire.net. For more details, visit TeacherSavesWorld.com, and connect with Laurie & Matt on twitter, facebook, and instagram by searching for Teacher Saves World!
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