E13 - No Silver Bullets: The best Pharmacies blend Technology and Teamwork
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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, Scott gets the latest on a range of digital technologies from Marta Stybowski, a pharmacist who has consulted widely across the industry. She currently represents the groundbreaking SiSU wellness platform whose stations are popping up in retail, Pharmacy and office spaces offering individuals a secure online portal to measure, track and improve a range of critical health biometrics. Marta shares the latest in terms of new technologies available to pharmacies looking to streamline workflow, enable team success and offer customers the most seamless possible experience. But just as importantly, she explains what makes the difference between success and failure in the choice and implementation of various platforms. “Technology alone,” she says, “won’t transform your business.” Hear about some of the exciting tech solutions available to optimize your pharmacy, and the very human elements necessary to ensure ultimate success. Clear goals and appropriate tech tools are a start – but it’s communication that guarantees the necessary buy-in among staff and customers. Marta also unpacks the exciting new SiSU Health Stations that today offer an easy way to stop at the pharmacy to privately test and track important physical and mental health markers. In addition to the four-minute health check, SiSU stations also offer supplemental health and lifestyle. Enjoy this conversation about opportunities to leverage health technology to create the best possible pharmacy operation and the most supportive available customer experience. Each pharmacy has its own specific needs and, with her deep experience on the forefront of health tech implementation, Martha shares with Scott some key factors to consider when charting the best path forward for your particular demographic, workflow and team. Key Quotes: • “There is still a huge potential to improve the way pharmacies operate, particularly when we’re talking about patient experiences and providing professional services.” (3:28) • “A lot of moving parts need to align to make a pharmacy work efficiently and effectively.” (4:58) • “Technology alone won’t solve the problems and it won’t transform your business.”(6:22) • “If you’re implementing technology to improve the business, make sure the customers understand that you’re doing it because you’re invested in providing them with a better service or experience.” (7:32) • “Do your homework. Understand what value that piece of tech is going to bring into your business. Does it fit your strategy and is it going to help you achieve the goals you want?” (11:38) • “Understanding by the team helps bridge acceptance … implementation and integration of the technology in their day-to-day work and then the excitement they share.” (13:14) • “Technology alone won’t solve your problems or transform your business, but technology as a tool to support a strategy and engage a team can deliver exceptional experiences to your customer.” (14:16) • “(SiSU wellness) is in general to improve health literacy and allow people to understand where their health is at and what they can do to improve it.” (17:03) • “There is a lot of emphasis in the business that the data is secure and the patient owns the data” (20:42) Links for Marta Stybowski: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marta-stybowski-2b4ab558/ https://www.pharmacium.com.au/ https://www.sisuwellness.com.au/ Pharmacy View Sponsors/Contacts: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottcarpenter-evbc https://shopfrontsolutions.com.au/ https://aerion.com.au/
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