Re.Pack - bringing Webpack to React Native | The React Native Show Ep. 7
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The 7th episode of The React Native Show is 100% focused on Re.Pack ( - an Open Source, Webpack-based toolkit to build React Native apps with the full support of the Webpack ecosystem. This time Mike Grabowski’s ( guest is Paweł Trysła aka. Zamotany (, a software engineer at Callstack ( and the lead engineer at Re.Pack. Join them as they give insights into the brand new toolkit! In the first part, our experts introduce Re.Pack talking about its origins, explaining how it works and why Re.Pack replaced its predecessor - Haul. They address the following topics: What is Re.Pack and how does it work? What do we need a bundler for, in the context of React Native development? What is the biggest selling point of Re.Pack that will make developers use it over Metro, the default bundler? What was the reason for building Re.Pack and replacing Haul with it? Later on, Mike and Paweł talk about use cases and benefits of using Re.Pack answering the following questions: Which Webpack 5 features can developers use with the help of Re.Pack? What types of apps benefit most from using Re.Pack? And what are these benefits? Beside performance optimization, what are the other perks of using the toolkit? At the end, Paweł explains how to get started with Re.Pack, reveals the current status of the toolkit and the plans for the near future. Read more about Re.Pack and code splitting: Check out more episodes of The React Native Show More episodes are coming soon! #Webpack​ #ReactNative​ #ReactJS​ #JavaScript #CodeSplitting​ #softwaredevelopment​ #programming​ #Callstack​ #TheReactNativeShow Callstack is looking for Senior React Native developers! Read about the details and apply here:
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