DRC #006 - The Exorcism Of Joan Vollmer
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In the spring of 1990 Joan volmer age 49 began experiencing  restlessness, became unable to sleep at night OR concentrate on her tasks of the day but had no idea anything was wrong. She also became fixated on her childhood talking about it in a childs voice ultimately divulging abuse that had occured in her childhood. One afternoon Joan presented Ralph her husband age 54  with a painting she had      done for him. He found his car coated in house paint.

Ralph was a new christian, recently discovering his faith and now going to chruch he was eager to learn and had an the utmost respect for anyone who claimed to have a knowledge of the bible. Joan didn’t share his excitement over going to church but went to appease her husband. She was Not a church fanatic. While Ralph spent most of his time reading religious text, Joan could be found watching television or tending to her garden.

Joan was described as normally mild mannered, shy gentle and loving but she would go into fits of rage in the yard if she was having an off day, Ralph described the look in her eyes as red  glowing coals. He would lock himself indoors away from her until she had calmed down.

Ralph’s church friends instructed him to pray for his wife, when he did her condition seemed to improve he attributed to his prayer and joan stopped taking her medications shortly after.
Joans supposed recovery only fueled and sparked Ralphs religious beleifs futher to the point where you were unable to speak to him with out him bringing up religion where as joan seemed to be the more normal to talk to of the two.

During that time Ralph had become friends with two people through his church john and le anne richenback, Who beleived in powers bestowed to people from god like the ability to speak in tongues or heal the sick, general miracles.

In early jan 1993 the couple traveled to a religious convention that had been reccomended to them by the richenbacks. The whole week long trip joan seemed moody but the trip passed with no indicents but upon returning her symptoms flared up again and for the next two weeks they seemed to get worse especially at night time.

deeply disturbed by his wifes behaivour and deteriearing health ralph looked to god for guidence, and he believed god told him the richenbacks would be the ones to help. So he called john and he was there at the house that day by 11pm

At this point in their life John and Lee ann had preformed 20 deliverances and when john arrived at the vollmer residence he quickly decided that this was a severe case demonic possession.

Now that he saw the full extent of it deliverance was “no longer an option, it was necessary” in the interest in saving what would be left of his wife he agreed.
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