DRC #005 - Stan Romanek
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Todays podcast talks about Alien "abductee" Stan Romanek
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You know how whenever people have creepy things happen to them and you always wish they had had a video camera, well.. Thats all this guys got. Alot of evidence… im not sure of what but its something.

December 27 2000 Stan is driving to the mountains to film scenery for his girlfriend when he notices an object following him hovering just above power lines

After that he reports over a 190 alien encounters

Meds a doctor gave him melted

Shadow people around house
- phone photo has the shadow person interacting with remote control
Glowing orange orbs

Captures several orbs floating around his house
Glowing orange and flashing
- shadows
- flashing
- Never ducks behind anything could be flashlight

The orb footage captured by stan feautres many “balls of light” darting around his house as well as messing around in the front yard

After being abducted, during a regression he writes out many complex equasions including the drake equation which tries to estimate the number of civilations in space

Audrey (british robot voice) calls him star seed
Calls off and on for a few weeks and they talk for up to two hours a day.
Strange sound made him pass out

Left with indentations in the back and hand cuff marks on the wrist that “healed amazingly fast”
-many geometric shapes dug out of his skin
- triangular formations and brises
-wakes up peeing blood with nose bleed
-they’ve also healed him, According to Stan he has torn his ACL and the night before he was to get surgery he wakes up to find his leg working fine and a mysterious patern of dot marks running down his leg
- doctors can’t explain it
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