Story + Rain Talks
Story + Rain Talks
Jan 12, 2022
Danielle LaPorte: Writer, Teacher, Pillar in Self Help + Wellness
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We open 2022 with such a good one. Episode 91 of Story + Rain Talks brings you Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of The Heart Centered Membership---discussed here on the podcast---and she’s of course the author of The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, and White Hot Truth. Her own podcast, With Love, Danielle ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 for wellness with over 1 million downloads. On the podcast, we open with a question based on a quote from Danielle about the lines between work and life being blurred, an interesting and timely concept to consider. A pioneer and pillar in wellness and self help, we talk about Danielle’s innate go-getter attitude, if deadlines freak her out, and the common thread she’s seeing in the people she connects with in her membership community and at large. We talk about her serious expertise in creating a strong brand. Speaking of brands, we discuss her full circle moment and experience with the Oprah brand, which is where Story + Rain founder, Tamara, was first acquainted with Danielle, when she was looking to feature the book that she co-authored, Style Statement, in Oprah Magazine. Well that business fell apart, Danielle flew solo, and it changed the course of her life; Danielle shares all the details here. Danielle says these are the times for collaboration. We discuss how she chooses people to work with, how she hires a team, people who are red flags, The Tolerance Trap. We discuss more on entrepreneurship, motherhood and leaving room for imperfection and building community, how she wants people to meditate and how she can see disruptions coming. We talk about the practice of "reflective living;" living a reflective life and not a reactive one, also the subject of her next highly anticipated book.  We loved talking to Danielle about her creative process, how she collects and hones ideas, and burning notebooks in ritual. We get into social media, its pros and cons, and how it contributes to what she calls “unease.” There's a conversation around mental illness and how more content needs to be about the SOLUTION. Then there's Danielle’s #obsixed list, filled with great tips, items, and tools for kicking off this year with health and high vibes, that you can discover and shop here:

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