Ep 78: Mickael Mas talks to Godfrey Deeny about “Improving distribution networks with AI” EN
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Imagine a world where businesses unlock a treasure trove of data, where success is measured in precision, and global expansion is as simple as consulting a single map.

Step into the world of innovative strategic location planning with our latest podcast guest, Mickael Mas, co-founder and CEO of Symaps.io, a geomarketing and location intelligence platform for global brands and retailers.

Join us and our host Godfrey Deeny, Global Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Network, as we explore the genesis of Symaps, how Mickael’s expatriation experience in Asia ignited this concept, and how the platform has revolutionized the way businesses expand their global footprint by choosing their next store locations using data and AI.

We look into how luxury brands seeking retail performance excellence leverage tools such as Symaps for effective decision-making and navigate factors that are hard to quantify.

Mickael shares his insights on the influence of AI, Symaps' global outreach, and the use of their "isochrone" tool. We also dissect real-world cases highlighting the gap between expectations and reality when it comes to strategic location planning.

Lastly, gain a unique perspective on France's enduring legacy in nurturing luxury brands, and listen as Mickael imparts invaluable advice for young professionals passionate about the intersection of data, technology, and the world of luxury.
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