Juno Calypso
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In Episode 03 of The Great Women Artists Podcast, Katy Hessel interviews one of the most exciting and brilliant photographers working today, JUNO CALYPSO!!! Known for her self portraits where she stages herself as a fictional character named ‘Joyce’ in the likes of Honeymoon Hotels in America, 70s style flats in Malta, or more recently in a kitsch underground bunker on the outskirts of Vegas, Juno’s work is always very distinctly pink and elaborate, with a lot of dark undertones. After graduating from London College of Communications in 2012, Juno has since gone on to win multiple awards for her work, including the British Journal of Photography and the Royal Photographic Society, and has had six solo exhibitions across London and Milan. In this episode we discuss Juno's career so far, how she became interested in self portraiture experimenting with digital cameras in the late 90s and early 00s; her experience at university; incredible recent photographic projects, The Honeymoon and What To Do With A Million Years; her constant and refreshing examination of female self-perception; and how she's catapulted into being one of the most recognisable and exciting photographers working today. I couldn't be more delighted to have Juno as my third guest. Not only is she amazing AND hilarious, but her unnerving stories of finding the most kitsch and insanely incredible locations (you won't believe are real) are just fantastic. She has A LOT of good stories. ENJOY!!! WORKS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Early Work – Popcorn Venus, 2012 https://www.junocalypso.com/joyce-ii/403ytame26ukmyc3nv2iy9oancorht Joyce – 12 Reasons You're Tired All The Time, 2013 https://www.junocalypso.com/joyce-ii/8oj5qrr18him0sra6i6ymi8qyxz0bv The Honeymoon –  Eternal Beauty, 2014 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/k4d0u0w5q499ico00rkwiu973r0ee0 A Dream in Green, 2015 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/yaorcuo0dsom4rtagq3bo6e3f6lt86 The Honeymoon Suite, 2015 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/kd0v7lml0hi6gea393xmahjhcpuy9g Sensory Deprivation, 2016 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/sensorydeprivation What To Do With A Million Years –  Tuesday in Eternity, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/tuesday-in-eternity-2018 Subterrenean Kitchen, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/2018/11/7/subterranean-kitchen-2018 Die Now Pay Later, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/die-now-pay-later-2018 The Entrance, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/the-entrance-2018 Thank you for listening!! This episode is sponsored by the Affordable Art Fair: @affordableartfairuk Follow us: Katy Hessel: @thegreatwomenartists / @katy.hessel Artwork by @thisisaliceskinner Sound editing by @_ellieclifford / @naomiabel Music by Ben Wetherfield
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