20 // Manifest a Soul Mate & Healthy Relationship Using Visualization
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Wanting to manifest a soul mate, a healthy relationship, and a partner that sees, values, and honors you is one of the most common goals people have when working with the Law of Attraction. It's not surprising that love and partnership are some of our top priorities, as we are built for connection, and connection is a vital part of the human experience. PLEASE NOTE: The majority of this episode is visualization - it is best experienced with your eyes closed and with full focus. In order to help you to manifest the person of your dreams, I've created this powerful guided visualization for you. During this episode, you will go through a brief introduction to visualization and why it works. This will be followed by the bulk of the episode, which is a powerful visualization exercise that will magnetize you to not only a loving partner, but to a partner who values and prioritizes you. For a full overview of the visualization, see the time stamps below. If you continually find yourself in relationships that make you feel invisible or like you're conforming yourself to your partner, then you're definitely going to want to listen to this! It's also helpful for anyone who struggles with self-doubt and self-worth, as you will experience a powerful visualization for raising your self-worth during the episode! During the intro, I mention a free package that goes deeper into how visualization works, and you can find that here: https://www.melissa-field.com/healing-package.html * You can also join my private meditation and visualization membership for only $5 / month here: https://www.melissa-field.com/healing.html ** Are you ready for DEEP and POWERFUL healing? Then join me in The Healing Sanctuary, were you'll have unlimited access to hundreds of exclusive guided meditations and visualizations. It's only $5 / month to join, and you can cancel at anytime. Learn more and start your 1 week FREE trial: https://melissafield.gumroad.com/l/thehealingsanctuary ** Learn about ALL my courses for healing, manifesting, chakra balancing, and more: https://melissafield.gumroad.com ** Connect with on INSTAGRAM @meditate_with_melissa: https://www.instagram.com/meditate_with_melissa Thank you so much! If you could leave a rating (or a review!), it would help me so much. I appreciate you sharing your time and energy with me. *** Time stamps: 1:50 What is visualization and how does it work with energy and manifestation? 4:03 What is the Quantum Field and why is it important? 5:04 Conclusion to discussion and preparation for guided visualization 5:37 Music begins playing and time to find a quiet place to sit and focus 6:04 Beginning breathing and relaxation 8:12 Self-love and self-worth visualizations 15:09 Relationship visualization Part 1: The coffee shop 21:27 Part 2: The home you share and receiving love and support 26:04 Part 3: Intimacy, connection and vulnerability 30:03 Part 4: Future plans and life building 33:29 End guided visualization 34:37 Conclusion and how to learn more! Thank you so much! Don't forget to leave a rating. Be sure and hit follow for more on manifesting, spirituality, healing, and everything in between!
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