Okay, New Segment
Okay, New Segment
Apr 29, 2019
Episode 14: Sexist Or Brexit
Play • 12 min
Today the rain has made you sick and you decide to stay inside because all of your friends have started to call you 'Sneezy'. As you sit inside sipping chunky soup from a can you start to realize that Mucinex is the best friend you have. Suddenly there's a rap at the door, it's Sweet & Loose. They're here with a bunch of hugs and heart-shaped chocolates that they already ate. They plop down on the couch and start talking about: being on the big screen, drive-thru therapy, and Ghostbusters. "Take a hike Mucinex!" you exclaim, "I've got the best medicine right here."

Follow the Sweetboy Keenan Lloyd on Instagram and Twitter @sweetboy_comedy, and follow the Looseboy Amar Risbud on Instagram and Twitter at @bummer_no_b.
Follow the podcast on Twitter at @oknspod and let us know if you're a sexist or if you voted for brexit!

Special thanks to Ryan Lloyd and Easton Skara for the theme song. Find them at catbug and Easton on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
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