Episode 13: Seesaw Or Meemaw
Play • 10 min
Today you look wistfully out the window in the hopes that the 40 year rain will end soon. You're about to give up hope and surrender to the call of the lean cuisine in your fridge, when all of a sudden you hear a knock at your window. It's Sweet & Loose! They're soaking wet! They perch on your sill and start talking about; Chicken v Corn, thrift stores, and beachy vibes. Hey maybe the rain will never cease, but this might just brighten your day.

Follow the Sweetboy Keenan Lloyd on Instagram and Twitter @sweetboy_comedy, and follow the Looseboy Amar Risbud on Instagram and Twitter at @bummer_no_b.
Follow the podcast on Twitter at @oknspod and let us know if you'd like to be a seesaw or a meemaw... or just have fun with it!

Special thanks to Ryan Lloyd and Easton Skara for the theme song. Find them at catbug and Easton on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
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