Sweat & Courage
Drewe Broughton
As a former Professional Footballer tipped for the top, Drewe, 42, admits his career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and Fear. After a 17 year playing career and nearly 600 professional matches representing a host of clubs in the EFL, It culminated in the big centre-forward going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown after retiring in 2011. Drewe uses his vast experiences coupled with an exceptionally high natural emotional intelligence and sensitivity, to educate, guide and lead a host of professional players on how to cope with the daily pressures of the Industry but, most importantly to fulfil their potential. His Heard earned wisdom and ability to nurture players has helped Drewe build a portfolio of clients including PGA Tour golfers, as well as international and Premier League stars. Articulate Drewe has also become a go-to person for media to interview as more players start to publicly admit to mental health problems. Appearing on Sky Sports to features on his work in The New York Times, Drewe believes it is the tip of an epidemic in the game, which chews up and spits out talent and is still woefully lacking in coach education leaving so many leaders in the dark. He has strong opinions he will share after more than a decade guiding some of the nation’s best footballers. He entered the corporate world in 2016 mentoring CEOs and senior management on how they can master that inner battle to win on the outside. He found that the leaders who were contacting him all had the same traits. That strong moral compass, sensitive yet fiercely driven, traits Drewe hugely relates to having to battle that himself for so many years. Many of his lessons in his book’s ( ‘And Then What?’ ) chapters on self-belief, ego, winning and vulnerability are as applicable to life and to business as they are football. Today Drewe combines his athlete mentoring work with coaching in corporations in the city of London, and motivational speaking, which has taken him around the world. He is also an ambassador for mental health charity The Kaleidoscope plus group.
Sweat & Courage
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