Scott OBrien breaks down AR, VR, holographic telepresence and what we might see in the near future
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Scott OBrien is the Founder and CEO of Humense, a revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Through his experience studying psychology and playing professional sports, Scott conceived Humense as a tool suite, marketplace, and social platform for bystanders to ‘get in on the action’ via augmented experiences. He is a global leader in AR/VR, with over 100 completed projects and 20+ significant world first projects in the industry.

Scott joins us on our latest podcast episode to discuss some of the current trends in AR/VR, including:

•	How Scott used his passion for sports to innovate new ways of operating in the AR/VR space
•	His perspective on remote work and how employees can flip the script on what it means to work remotely
•	The future possibility of a ‘metaverse’ in which anyone can switch from physical experiences to augmented or virtual reality in day-to-day life
•	Advancements in AR/VR for virtual stadium experiences and events
•	The evolution of VR over the past decade and the new hardware in development that can be used across different realities

Scott is passionate about how AR and VR can be used globally to enhance experience in eSports, traditional sports, road, rail, and airports. He has worked on over 10,000 firsthand AR/VR demos and spent over 10,000 hours coaching sports in schools, prisons and juvenile justice centres. He and his team have delivered hardware and software in numerous industries including global sports events, Hollywood, eSports, theme park overhauls, branded experiences, telco and enterprise.

Follow Scott on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram: @scottobrien61
Follow Humense on Twitter & Instagram: @humense
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