Ep 159: An Asexual Perspective of No Nut November
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Hey what's up hello! As November comes to an end, we reflect on the ever-present No Nut November. What's the point of this challenge? Who participates? And what does it tell us about how the world views sex?

Episode transcript: www.soundsfakepod.com/transcripts/no-nut-november 

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Veronica Mars Investigations
Veronica Mars Investigations
Veronica Mars Investigations
VMI 3.080910 Lord of the Spit Monkeys
A LONG TIME AGO ON VERONICA MARS: * Real life Patty Hearst plays a fake Hearst; and real life kidnapped person Patty Hearst plays a fake kidnapped person. It’s all something to do with share prices and a rich-people divorce settlement and she AND her husband have both been having affairs with the dog walker? * Update on Frats vs Dreaded Feminists: head fratter Chip is found unconscious, with his head shaved and a plastic egg shoved up his bum with a cryptic message inside. * And the Dreaded Feminists make Veronica wonder whether all the rapes were fake, but NO, they were real, and the rapist has got Veronica cornered and drugged again. * The Dean hires Keith to investigate whether his wife Mindy is cheating on him with her colleague. She isn’t - but she is, of course, cheating on him with the Dean’s colleague Professor Landry. * And having confronted them in bed together, the Dean is found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. It’s ruled a suicide, but... is it actually murder? * And after all that, w'e’re actually relieved to sit through another stolen animals plot, wherein Veronica and Mac infiltrate an animal rights group to get back a lab monkey and twenty rats. * There’s even another culturally insensitive hat party! * But it’s all worth it, because Mac meets a cute guy! * And they get the monkey back! * (And the rats, but nobody cares about them. (Except Jenny.)) Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars season 3 episodes 8, 9 and 10: Lord of the Spit Monkeys, and ponder such mysteries as how Dick is not banned from everywhere already, how this show made us feel bad for awful Chip, and why they don’t just keep Piz dancing instead of talking. Content note: Veronica Mars contains heavy themes, and this episode includes storylines concerning rape, assault, murder, suicide, drugs and violence. For more about this episode, and to read the transcript, visit the podcast’s official site VMIpod.com/3-080910. This episode was edited and mixed by Helen Zaltzman; the music is by Martin Austwick and Jenny Owen Youngs; Lo Dodds gives us the LoDown. The show is distributed by PRX.org. Find the show @VMIpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also have MERCH - get your pins to show your love for Weevil or non-love for milk at hellomerch.com/collections/veronica-mars-investigations. This month, VMI is sponsored by Feals, premium CBD delivered to your door. Become a member today at Feals.com/VERONICA and you'll get 50% off your first order with free shipping.
1 hr 26 min
214: Your Urban Legends XLIV - Pets & Animals!
Humans aren’t the only supernatural beings and spirits out there - it’s time to feature the pets and animals in our creepy lives! Featuring a cat’s unfinished business, how to create a plant ghost, a horse antichrist, and a ghostly game of fetch. Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of animal death, mental health issues, anxiety, cultural appropriation, sexual innuendo, sacrilegious implications, and suicidal ideation. Housekeeping - Recommendation: This week, Julia recommends A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. Check out our previous book recommendations, guests’ books, and more at spiritspodcast.com/books - Merch: Check out our digital merch, including the Cool Cryptid Compendium, at spiritspodcast.com/merch! - Multitude: Check out other MultiShows! Search Multitude in your podcast player or go to multitude.productions. Sponsors - Calm is the #1 app to help you reduce your anxiety and stress and help you sleep better. Get 40% off a Calm Premium subscription at calm.com/spirits. - BetterHelp is a secure online counseling service. Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/spirits - Doordash is a fast, convenient food delivery app. Get 25% off and zero delivery fees on your first order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash app and enter code creepycool. Find Us Online If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word! Follow us @SpiritsPodcast on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. You can support us on Patreon (http://patreon.com/spiritspodcast) to unlock bonus Your Urban Legends episodes, director’s commentaries, custom recipe cards, and so much more. We also have lists of our book recommendations and previous guests’ books at http://spiritspodcast.com/books. Transcripts are available at http://spiritspodcast.com/episodes. To buy merch, hear us on other podcasts, contact us, find our mailing address, or download our press kit, head on over to http://spiritspodcast.com. About Us Spirits was created by Julia Schifini, Amanda McLoughlin and Eric Schneider. We are founding members of Multitude, an independent podcast collective and production studio. Our music is "Danger Storm" by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com), licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.
53 min
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