Layer1 : A Crypto Podcast ($LBC), Earning Crypto w/ Content, Does Signing Influencers Work?, Syncing w/ YouTube
Jul 26, 2020 · 47 min
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The team sits down w/ Jeremy Kauffman to discuss content creation platforms in 2020,  providing crypto to 100,000+ users and creators, syncing vs. competing w/ YouTube, and does signing "influencers" to big deals help?

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0:00 Start2:45 Jeremy’s Story5:45 Selling his previous company7:55 Breakdown10:25 Problems w/ existing Social Media platforms13:51 How do handle censorship?18:30 Personalizing Content on LBRY.TV19:13 $LBC Token 24:00 Does “signing” Content Creators to exclusive deals work?28:12 YouTube Sync29:40 What does Content look like in 5-10 years?31:10 Is Podcasting too saturated?33:29 How do you prevent bots?36:54 How many users does LBRY have?39:20 Where do your users reside geographically?41:30 What others sectors interest Jeremy?43:58 Book Recommendation 


Jeremy Kauffman

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