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Zaki Manian/Dean Tribble - Inter-Blockchain Communication, Cosmos Network, Agoric, Why We Build Blockchains, DeFi Thoughts
Jun 24, 2020 · 1 hr 7 min
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The team sits down w/ Zaki Manian and Dean Tribble, to discuss Interoperability and why it matters, how Cosmos ($ATOM) is leading the charge, building out Agoric, and why iterations on DeFi are dangerous but positive for crypto.

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2:45 Dean and Zaki’s Story8:16 Why We Build Blockchains?17:45 Interoperability Breakdown and Timeline21:38 Will Ethereum Dominate24:45 What is Inter-Blockchain Communication and how Cosmos fits in27:02 Will there be Blockchains for everything?31:28 What is Agoric?39:27 Upgrades or Forks effect on Interoperability 43:13 CosmosHUB and Stargate update50:22 Thoughts on DeFi on NFTs53:45 Are DeFi users “Sticky”?59:45 Bitcoin Macro Thoughts1:04:12 Book Recommendation

Inter-Blockchain Communication

Zaki Manian Tribble

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