Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Aug 21, 2020
3.20 Munchie
Play • 2 hr 50 min
Break out the macaroni and potato salad, because the hot dogs are about ready to come off the grill! The GARB-BQ continues with some Chuck E. Cheese™ nightmare fuel! Long before there were Demonic Toys or the Hugga Bunch, there existed an all-powerful creature older than time itself. Calamity followed it wherever it went, leaving countless lives destroyed and entire civilizations in ruins. Finally, the prophetic wrecking ball was sealed in a magic crate and tossed into a bottomless abyss to dwell with Lubdan and Kazaam . The immortal miscreant was meant to never be seen or heard from again...that is, until young Gage Dobson finds the box and opens it without a second thought. As a way of thanks for releasing him, Gage’s new friend uses powers beyond human comprehension to make any of Gage’s wildest dreams come true! So naturally he steals a pizza, enacts some petty revenge, and throws a party. Join us on our journey as we meet Jennifer Love Hewitt in her debut role, catch up with Bernie Lomax: ReAnimator, and reveal the true mastermind behind the Winter Stepfather program! We also decide which horror series antagonist our titular Dom DeLuise voiced character would replace in the MDU. Hop on that flying pizza, dream a little day dream, and update your standup material, because we are about to party 'til we perish with Munchie!Support the show (
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