Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Jul 17, 2020
3.16 Ticks
Play • 2 hr 44 min
In the woods across from the old campgrounds where Gunnar Hansen battled giant mosquitoes, Clint Howard is using some of Farmer Spivey’s secret ingredient to help his latest batch of super weed grow faster. A barrel of toxic waste spills carelessly through the floor onto some arachnid eggs, causing them to multiply in size and hatch into giant, blood-sucking parasites. But don’t panic—we’ve got Alfonso Ribeiro and Seth Green here to squash them! With an angry reincarnated Hesse from Demonic Toys out for revenge against Charnetski the Brown, some mutated eight-legged freaks seem like the least of their problems! Then there’s those strange science experiments Wayne Szalinski was talking into a tape recorder about—something about a Necronomicon he found in the basement of the cabin or whatever? Uwe Boll also makes his sad return to the show as we take some listener questions. So climb out of that mine shaft, light up a fat J-bird, and summon Simon Bossell's flaming broom, because we are about to be infested with Ticks!Support the show (
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