Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Oct 8, 2021
4.20 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Play • 2 hr 6 min
Trick or Trash returns from the grave as we slash into the month with Dr. Death of the MDU himself, Sam Loomis! We've finally taken the dive, Dumpster Dwellers! We bring you the finale of the Cult of Thorn timeline–SIX TIMES the terror, SIX TIMES the fear, SIX TIMES the thrills!?

After the events of Halloween 5, Michael Myers is broken out of jail Fratelli style and whisked away to the Thorn Cult Clubhouse residing in the dingy depths of Smith's Grove Sanitarium. After giving birth to the last of the Myers bloodline, Jamie Lloyd (NOT Danielle Harris) tries to make her escape from the clutches of both Michael and the Thorn Cult. Before being dispatched by (Enter Villain's Name Here) she hides the baby boy from the same fate she cannot escape. It's now up to retired-back-on-the-beat Dr. Sammy 'Six Times' Loomis, Tommy 'Paul Stephen Rudd' Doyle, and a woman only tangentially connected to the characters of previous films to crack the case–possibly using magic, possibly foiling Umbrella's B.O.W program, and possibly putting an end to the evil of Samhain once and for all!

Comparing the Theatrical Cut and the Producer's Cut, we're taking you on a full, no pumpkins barred journey through the Halloween franchise with highlights on 4 and 5, to try and make sense of this train wreck of a timeline. So, hop on the Haddonfield Express for SIX TIMES the writers, SIX TIMES the plot holes, and SIX TIMES the confusion while we try and carve a semblance of rationality in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers!
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