Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Sep 10, 2021
4.18 The Fantastic Four (1994)
Play • 1 hr 44 min
Roger Corman strikes back at the MDU with this unreleased superhero flick based on Marvel’s First Family! Originally made just to hold on to the film rights, the movie was collecting dust on a shelf for years until some Dumpster Dwellers dug it up and slapped it on the web for us all to watch. See the origins of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing for the very first time (but definitely not the last)! Enjoy the uncomfortable grooming of a minor by a much older man who can stretch his tallywacker like a hose! Laugh at The Lawnmower Man’s Human Torch spinning like an idiot into a city-destroying laser! And weep with Ben Grimm, because he looks like a FREAK!! When Doctor Doom teams up with Ludban the Leprechaun to take over the world, it's up to the dysfunctional super-powered family to come together against them and stop Doom’s literal Death Star. Our good friend and resident artist Davey ‘The Scaredy Cat’ DeForne joins us to break down this long-lost comic book adaptation. Connor also compares the ill-fated Justice League of America 1997 pilot to this movie for reasons...or something, listen to his findings within! So kick up that dime store Jurassic Park theme, slip into your blue pajama-looking flight suits, and scream “FLAME ON” at the top of your lungs to spontaneously combust, because it’s Clobberin’ Time™ for Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four!Support the show (
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