Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Oct 22, 2021
4.21 Hauntedween
Play • 1 hr 11 min
Trick or Trash SCARE-ies on, as we reach deep into our treat bags for this hard to find independent horror flick! When a bumbling fraternity needs cash fast, they are visited by a mysterious stranger that offers them the perfect place for their Halloween-themed fundraiser–the old Burber House of Horrors! After putting in a little elbow grease, taking a sunbathing detour, and resolving a love triangle, the house is ready to scare the pants off of anyone willing to pay the five bucks to enter. Too bad the guy who gave them the key to the place plans to follow in the footsteps of Satan Man from ‘Satan’s Little Helper’ and murder them as if it’s part of the haunt!Come one, come all, to the amazing Movie Dumpster Universe, where Meatloaf from ‘Kolobos’ will give you the show of the lifetime! Watch as the amazing Big Eddie ‘Bob Ross’ Burber (Ethan Adler) puts on a New York Mets cap, places a ball in a man’s mouth, and then knocks their head clean off with a baseball bat…all while the crowd goes wild! And you’ll never believe what he can do with a chainsaw, folks! It’s a slaughterhouse shindig and the victims are the ones throwing the party, all while the killer keeps upping the body count right in front of the paying customers' eyes! So slip on your favorite Halloween mask, crawl into Nakatomi Plaza’s air duct maze, and listen to every dang word Jeff Foxworthy has to say, because we’re about to flip the switch on this electric chair up to eleven for HauntedWeen!Support the show (
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