Movie Dumpster
Movie Dumpster
Apr 9, 2021
4.6 Double Dragon
Play • 2 hr 18 min
Round 1 of our 'Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo' month kicks off with a movie based on an animated series that's based on a video game! Robert Patrick attains one half of a mystical medallion that allows him to magically turn into a shadow and possess people, but he needs the other half to attain ultimate power. The rest of the medallion is held by two teenage brothers that practice martial arts, one thoughtful and the other reckless, and one only wears blue while the other only wears red. Their names? Leonardo and Raphael...uh, we mean Billy and Jimmy Lee! It's up to them to stop the T-1000 and his army of mooks, including Michael Berryman, Huey Lewis and the News, the mutated vesiculated nutsack Bane Abobo, and a literal mailman going postal. With the help of Alyssa Milano and egregious shots of her ass, they just might be able to combine the power of body and soul to overcome all odds. Hop in the Dragon Wagon, suck down some special spinach slop, and make sure to wave to Sly and Dennis while you're visiting Koopa-City One, because we're burning rubber and roundhouse kicking our way through Double Dragon!
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