May 2, 2022
Taco Carlier: How to disrupt urban mobility
Play • 24 min
Do we need more e-bikes on our streets?

Urban mobility is a true challenge, not only for large cities. Everyone using a car daily experiences the same issues: Traffic jams, a constant lack of parking spots, increasing prices for gas, and many other factors lead to frustration and stress. At the same time, cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen demonstrate that there are better solutions available. They managed to implement a whole different urban mobility culture mainly based on bicycles - and it works so much better.

Taco Carlier and his brother, both originally based in Amsterdam, have been shocked by traffic in large cities worldwide - and decided to make their contribution to change by founding a company that creates the perfect bikes for urban mobility. Founded in 2009, VanMoof today sells its urban e-bikes in many countries all over the world. They are easy to use, look good, smart, and more or less unstealable.

How can we change urban mobility in large cities? Could cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen become role models for megacities like New York or Tokyo? And what's the impact of affordable and easy-to-use e-bikes on that whole development? Taco Carlier has interesting answers and insights on these questions.

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