Software Factory to Feature Factory
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The first chapter of Agile Conversations is all about people-centred development, and we tell the story of our own journey from over-determined software factory to today's feature factories, with similar Taylorist theories of management in both. In today's episode, we go into more depth on the causes of this tragic journey, touching on old and new topics like Theories X and Y, the Cynefin framework, and why there isn't a JIRA plugin for conversational quality. SHOW LINKS: - Taylorism: - Theories X and Y: - 12 Signs You're Working in a Feature Factory by John Cutler: - Cargo cults: and - Cockburn on people:,+first-order+components+in+software+development - Cynefin: Episode transcript: Our new book, Agile Conversations, is out now! See where you can order your copy and get a free video when you join our mailing list!
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